Alex Clemesha

I'm a full-stack software engineer based in San Diego, California. I input ideas, mix them with code and expertise, and output dynamic applications for mobile and the web.


Alex Clemesha is a graduate of University of California San Diego, with a B.S. in Physics w/ specialization in Computational Physics.

He has over a decade of software development experience in topics such as mathematics software, science based platforms, location-based mobile applications, and interactive educational apps and games.

When not spending quality time with a computer, he loves hanging out with his wife Rachel, fishing, surfing, and generally being near or in the ocean.


Select personal projects and business engagements.
What I've built
  • The Wiki GamePopular multi-player web game based on Wikipedia links. Millions of game plays!
  • Wiki Game for iOSNative app for The Wiki Game, with excellent ratings in the App Store.
  • Song FabricVisually and interactively learn the structure of music. A rich D3.js web application.
  • Coast CloudsLocation based coastal cloud ground + satellite photo web app, backed by serverless AWS Lambda api.
Where I've worked
  • SageMathOpen source mathematics software project at University Washington.
  • Ocean Observatories InitiativeReal-time ocean science data platform at UC San Diego.
  • CoupaCloud-based expenses and spend management software.
  • Zoom MediaMVNO mobile data services and applications.
  • Talon TechnologiesMobile platform for asset auditing.


Technologies I know deeply, respect greatly, and use daily.

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