Alex Clemesha

Full-stack software engineer based in San Diego, California.

I input ideas, mix them with code and expertise, and output dynamic applications for mobile and the web.


Alex Clemesha is a graduate of UC San Diego, with a B.S. in Physics w/ specialization in Computational Physics, and a minor in Mathematics.

He has a decade of full-stack web & mobile software development experience in topics including mathematics software, science based platforms, location-based mobile applications, and interactive educational games and apps.

When not spending quality time with a computer, he loves hanging with his wife Rachel, and being near or in the ocean.


Select personal projects and business engagements.
What I've built
A popular, educational, dynamic and multi-player web game based on connecting Wikipedia articles. Millions of players, and many millions of game plays!
A full-featured Python/Django REST API backend, combined with a rich & interactive modern Angular JavaScript frontend. Utilizes Redis, PostgreSQL, Nginx, and more.
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Wiki Game for iOS
Beautifully crafted native app for The Wiki Game, with hundreds of excellent ratings in the Apple App Store.
A fully native iOS application, featuring several In-App purchases and Game Center integration, and a Python Google App Engine backend. Many years of revenue from app sales.
Scientist-focused cloud ground + satellite photo recording/pairing web application. Uses HTML5 geolocation GPS data + web HTML5 camera images, backed by a 'serverless' AWS Lambda API.
Entire application built on Amazon Web Services, including AWS Lambda for the backend API, data saved in an AWS DynamoDB database, images on AWS S3, and SSL/CDN via AWS Cloudfront. Uses AngularJS on the frontend.
Visually and interactively learn the structure of music. A JavaScript heavy web application, with an educational + gamification focus.
Dynamic and interactive Angular/D3.js JavaScript user interface. Backend built on Python/Flask Google App Engine REST API.
Program interactively, in Python and Sage, in your web browser.
Web application to enable writing and running code directly from the web browser. A precursor to tools such as the Jupyter notebook (in fact had early collaborations with members of the Jupyter team).

Where I've worked
  • SageMath
    Open source mathematics software project at University Washington.
    Work focused on creating plotting and visulization tools, and an interactive web-based user interface.
  • Ocean Observatories Initiative
    Real-time ocean science data platform at UC San Diego.
    Large-scale data science platform, built on top of a complex AMQP (RabbitMQ) based service-oriented architecture, running on multiple cloud environments.
  • Coupa
    Cloud-based expenses and spend management software.
    Business-user expenses focused work, involving native iOS app development, and working on a large Ruby on Rails web application.
  • zoomMediaPlus
    Bluetooth LE application and MVNO mobile data services web applications and API service endpoints.
    Native iOS (Swift) application frontend, Django API backend. Heavy Amazon Web Services usage including AWS EC2 + VPC, AWS RDS (PostgreSQL), AWS ElastiCache (Redis), etc, and spanning many deployment environment targets.
  • Talon Systems
    Mobile application for vehicle auditing.
    Photo and geolocation native iOS (Swift) application frontend, backed by an Python/Django API on Amazon Web Services. Uses Google Vision OCR service, Amazon Mechanical Turk service, etc.


Technologies I know deeply / respect greatly / use daily.

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