Topics of Interest

April 05, 2009

I should blog more. That is, I should actually start doing it. I’m not sure if it counts, but I’ve been using Twitter for about 9 months now, and it feels healthy to put to words what is on my mind (the non-trivial tweets, not the “I’m eating a banana” ones, which I actually have very few of).

I’m going to be writing about my geeky topics of interest. These topics are surely going to include my various web-tech interest like Django and Twisted. Additionally, I’ve been working with some amazing up-and-coming tools ranging from plotting in web browsers using the Flot jQuery HTML5 canvas lib, to creating AMQP producers and consumers with the txAMQP Twisted Python AMQP lib in conjunction with the very cool RabbitMQ AMQP Broker.

I’ll be discussing my experiences using XMPP. More specifically, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned recently from writing the Wikipedia Game. It’s built using some cool tools like Strophe, the XMPP js client and XMPP Multi-User Chat to build the app, and so far the experience has been smooth and educational.

A first blog post about blogging, how meta. And typical, and sorta lame. But screw it, here’s to starting!