Seven Random Realities of Programming

July 23, 2010

1) You will always be irrationally amazed that people use technology Y, when clearly technology X is better.

2) You will always be subjected to date and time juggling. No exceptions.

3) The time it takes you to become an expert at hot technology X will invariability be equal to the time it takes technology Y to become the next hot thing.

4) Projects will take either 3 times as long or 10 time as long - which is exactly the time it takes you to become disinterested, and interested in your next project.

5) You will never, ever remember the difference between useradd and adduser on linux.

6) Your non-trivial projects will always contain an ever-growing directory called utils that contain outlandish one-off scripts that do who-knows-what.

7) Caffeine is the answer. No exceptions.

Taken from personal experience.